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When you meet me in person, you'll quickly realize that I'm a generalist thriving in a specialized world. I believe in continually learning and mastering new skills. I'm always making a conscious effort to expand my knowledge and expertise.

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In this July edition know about generative AI and its creative potential without the need for coding, the concept of "The Ship of Fools" from Philosophy, the Western and Eastern views on the self, the idea of Minimalism explored through ChatGPT, recommended books about money and ethical wealth, and the author's current engagements, including interactions with ChatGPT and spiritual practices like meditation and yoga


In this July edition, discover the latest advancements in AI with the code interpreter, empowering you to embrace this thrilling world without needing prior coding knowledge. Reflect on the Ship of Theseus paradox from philosophy, pondering questions about identity and change. Delve into the idea of minimalism, with insights from Deepak Chopra's transformative principles and the joy of finding simplicity. 

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