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20 years with Monica

“You married for 20 years? Did you guys fight ever?” “No, we did have disagreements but we reconciled without much delay and without intervention of any one else.”, is my usual reply. Couples may quarrel but ‘fight’ is a far higher intensity word to be used.

Today, my faith in love is reaffirmed when I celebrate 20 years of my courtship with Monica. I have preferred mentioning her by name in my social circle. She is not called ‘my spouse’ or ‘my wife’ when I mention her in my conversations. I usually use my relationship with Monica as an example for being committed and selfless.

It is important to learn that testimony to a relationship is not trust alone but feeling an effortless compatibility. I personally may have my list of compromises and Monica may have her own but none of them have been mentioned in our interactions in last 20 years.

Monica has been selfless about my desires and has consistently believed in my capabilities while I doubted any of them to be true.

Monica knows me so well. I am mum at home after work and she knows what could be bothering me. She rarely overreacts. She stays committed and disciplined to the family. My approach and thoughts have wild swings while she is consistent and devoid of any doubts and worries.

At times, I doubt if she is disturbed about some issues which I may have ignored or not paid attention to. My doubts may be true but the motherhood in her lets her win against all odds.

Life goes on and my relationship with Monica continues to be the best success stories of my life.

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