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Marriage: 20 years of with Monica

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

You were married for 20 years? Did you guys ever fight?" "No, we did have disagreements, but we reconciled without much delay and without the intervention of anyone else," is my usual reply. Couples may quarrel, but 'fight' is a much stronger word to use.

Today, on the occasion of celebrating 20 years of my marriage with Monica, my faith in love is reaffirmed. I prefer mentioning her by name in my social circle. I don't refer to her as 'my spouse' or 'my wife' when talking about her. I often use my marriage with Monica as an example of commitment and selflessness.

It is important to understand that a testament to a marriage goes beyond trust alone; it involves experiencing effortless compatibility. Personally, I may have my list of compromises, and Monica may have hers, but none of them have been mentioned in our interactions over the past 20 years.

Monica has been selfless when it comes to my desires and has consistently believed in my capabilities, even when I doubted them. She knows me so well. When I come home from work and stay silent, she knows something may be bothering me. She rarely overreacts and remains committed and dedicated to our family. While my approach and thoughts fluctuate, she remains consistent, free of doubts and worries.

Sometimes, I wonder if she's disturbed by certain issues that I may have ignored or not paid attention to. My doubts may be true, but her motherly nature enables her to overcome all odds.

Life goes on, and my marriage with Monica continues to be one of the greatest success stories of my life.

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