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A Special pic

I was heading for my first major trek to Ladakh. After a hectic day at work, I had to take a late night bus to nearest airport that was 5 hours away- some 270 km.

After starting at 12 midnight, sitting in a Volvo bus, I was trying to disconnect myself from my personal and professional life. My eyes were shut but my mind kept racing between expectations from the trek and the life I have to return to, after a week. I could not hold my mind on one particular series of thoughts.

All the while bus was cruising to its pit stop, some 150 km from base city . I had hardly managed a nap when the bus stopped with a solid braking. The bus conductor had announced a 10 minute stop before heading onwards.

Half asleep, I turned my head to look through the fogging window pains on my left. And I could see this……

This was on Jan 12, 2018.

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