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Abstract- life for that matter

Libra (Sep 24-Oct 23) It’s time for a tough choice at home, yet too unstable are the general planetary alignments that it’s impossible to anticipate the consequences. You may therefore have no choice but to take a leap in the dark. It’s all a  matter of confidence and of realizing that is something goes wrong, you can put it right.

I was straining my mind with an important decision I had to take the next morning. The complexity of the decision was being outlined by me quite objectively. I was able to visualize the impact of the decision either ways – Yes or No -, except the confidence to decide. I tried to take refuge in my naive understanding of probability but it confused me even further. I seemed to be lost in the conditional probability of choices before me (i.e inter-linkages and possibility of highly skewed outcomes). I had nothing to spare from my learning of statistics. My mind was now building a causality to past decisions and likely future outcomes. All of this made me completely indecisive.

When I woke up in the morning, I picked the up daily newspaper. I usually do not read the horoscope for the day but since it was just adjacent to the Sudoku that I attempt solving, my eyes wandered over the text as shared above in color blue.

So my mind had taken a wild swing from the rationality to something as irrational as the daily horoscope. I knew the failings of my mind that it’s not acting in the optimal manner.

The statement while written under the ‘Daily Horoscope’ section is very insightful. It talks about uncertainty and then directs to focus on self confidence to deal with it. This was a simple straight message that was expressed beautifully.

But a couple of more events, a little during the day further re-affirmed the situation I was into:

I was able to click a picture below:

I wrote following while sharing this pic on Instagram : #meditation with #reflection of the #window on the floor as if there is a way everywhere provided we are #ready to#see

Then I came upon the below picture as first update on my Linkedin web page.

I am known to be impulsive and with my readings I am getting to learn the role of randomness and how the behavior is only what I control. Taleb rightly says, “We favor the visible, the embedded, the personal, the narrated, and the tangible; we scorn the abstract.”

I am going to start loving the abstract and not be self-critical about being impulsive. When we say, “Best of Luck” as a wish to others it’s purely to recognize that ‘luck’ does have a more than significant role to deal with what is abstract- life for that matter.

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