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Acquiring Fatherhood

I have not been able to comprehend my peculiar behavior- I want to feel special on my birthday but when the day arrives I am hesitant to accept the wishes and say ‘thanks’ in return.

We all have some special days in our life- birthday, marriage anniversary, kids’ birthday- when people may sputter wishes in expectation of a treat in return. Its not that all who wish you will accompany you for a treat. Most of them will back out citing strange reasons but somewhere in their mind they want to dodge the need to carry a gift in return for a treat.

Today was Father’s day. Till few years back when my kids were young, I believed that such days carry no meaning and are marketing gimmicks employed by companies to sell their merchandize.

For last couple of days, I have been receiving SMS alerts with offers on Father’s day and read about celebrity kids writing notes for their fathers. Somewhere I felt that even I deserved a special treatment since I was also a father who was concerned about the future of my kids and this was a day when they explicitly took note of it.

Acquiring fatherhood is not easy for men. Its an enduring process that takes years to find its roots firmly within our hearts.

Finally, I received hand made cards from my kids and also Monaco biscuits with cheese toppings prepared by my elder daughter for snacks.

Seems to be on track to acquire fatherhood. 

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