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“We will never return to share the experience of death but atleast let us resolve to share the experience of life.”

7 years back when I posted this thought, I was not good at defining ‘sharing’, ‘experience’ and ‘life’. Since then I became a parent 2nd time, changed jobs, took debt to buy a house and toned down the expectations I had from my capabilities.

But one thing that has significantly changed in me is a far higher degree of selflessness and openess to know and engage with people. I have stopped complaining about many things including the usual cliche, ‘humans cannot be trusted’. I have built defenses in sub-conscious that have helped me deal better and live better.

I learnt from photography the art of seeeing and framing subject to be clicked in a right perspective. My attempt from this blog that I have been compiling for a decade now is to help my kids know the true personality of their father- what I thought, felt, worried etc.

Everyday when alive, we create and live experiences. This one thought will surely help us to be more conscious of Life while death is still not forgotten.

#life #deathexperience #sharing

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