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Apps to be disciplined and stay healthy

On Health and fitness front:

Taking up cycling after almost 16 years was a totally different experience. Back then in 1993 we were restricted to using speedometers installed on our bicycles that tracked the speed and distance to be precise. And most of us never afforded the gadgets. I had not even heard about mobile phones then. Also, in those days rarely anyone would have spent INR 7.5 K to 20 K on a road bike and neither would have they been  available easily.

Today, we are overwhelmed with smart gadgets, most of them free to use, not only keeps one entertained during the workout but also tracks your performance. One of the main advantages, they help you step beyond just fitness, to performance.

Business line carried an article listed out some of these applications titled “Track your walk“. Two additional apps that I would like to suggest here are .  This app is a free to use on symbian phones ( I am not aware about other OS). The app allows you to export the workout details in excel format, upload live to the its website and of course on facebooks and orkut. The website shows world map with blinkers of users already registered on site and sharing their workouts in public forum. This is one of the prime attractions to visiting their site.The apps tracks altitude as well and shows the speed and altitude as a graph.

Next, app that is not mentioned in the article is micoach by Addidas. This app is again free to use but allows you to track your heartbeat. ensure to check whether the same is compatible with app else they sell their own set of gadgets to track the same. Please visit

On Discipline front:

We at office may object to restricting access to Facebook,Linkedin, Orkut and Twitter and may even win the case with management for allowing access to these websites. But the reality is, with advent of these sites which are now accessible on mobile phones as well, lead to increased levels of distraction. Distraction in simplest terms is reduced focus on task at hand. Reduced concentration has its own problems- extra time to complete the task, lack of control, incorrectness in interpretation or calculation of data. All this, further complicates when most of us as professionals tend to carry “status quo” approach to decision-making. All the talk to innovation and efficient management remains in books and talks of consultants. Anyone who succeeds may smartly attribute it to what is said such books and talks. So we may all will agree that we have a problem at hand i.e. Distraction.

I came across some very good apps that control your distraction. Please read about them here Apps for Online workers  .

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