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Art of executing well

Actions measured/rated for ‘Outcomes’ are at best tasks. This was my underlying thought in response to my wife’s query on how can kids deal with stress during exams. In my personal life, I am known to be fixated in my thoughts, deliberative and contemplative. This is what my spouse thinks about me and she is right.

When I introspected further, I realised that I am an ‘outcome’ focused as well. For instance, brushing and taking a bath is a task for me. Diving further, into my contemplative-mind, I could relate how exercising is a task for me and hence easily built into my daily routine. Over the years, writing a few sentences in my personal diary is also a task.

Anything that does not need much forethought is a task for me. Quite rightly, Daniel Kahneman talks about ‘System 1’ and ‘System 2’. We can be productive if most of our decisions shift to ‘System 1’ of our brains. Daniel lists quick/fast as a trait of using System 1.

Last week, my boss was upset when his marketing executive replied that she was working on social media strategy. He was upset with the use of ‘strategy’. He would have been delighted if she instead, shared the list of tasks she completed. My approach at work is same. When the purpose is clear, there cannot be anything else to think except to execute well, using ‘System 1 and making it happen.

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