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Bedtime Stories

Ruhin was wanting to listen to a story which her mom refused. Before the usual tears from my little angel started, I uttered…

There was a small school situated on a hill top. There was no way to reach the school except the stairs that were very steep and too many for anyone to climb in time for being at school.

One day the Principal of the school was shopping at the village market when few villagers approached him and asked, “Why did you start the school at such a difficult place that no one can reach easily?”

The principal with a casual smile said, “Because I want only those to come to school who love education.”

He elaborated in detail to clarify his point, “The stairs to school are difficult for school children, to ensure only the determined reaches the school. The select those make it are one who realise that path to learning is not easy. One needs to work hard daily.”

He went on, “Similarly only select teachers can reach the school and the ones who believe in education.”

Ruhin was glad and asked a couple of quesions before we were fast alseep hand in hand.

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