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Bedtime Stories for Ruhin – Custom-made for lessons on life

After a long day at work, I was lying on bed with Ruhin – my younger daughter next to me. Its winter time (Dec 2014) in Delhi when we have tucked inside the thick cotton blanket. My left hand fingers locked with her right hand fingers. Our exchange was usually uninterrupted except when my wife asked to finish our respective glasses of milk.

The first story:

There was a boy named Amit who went to a temple. A river flowed past the temple as well. The sleepers could be removed before entering the temple with a person stationed at a small store house – meant only for keeping shoes for the visitors to temple. When Amit asked for the token in return for his shoes so that we could take them back on return the person refused to give him a token saying, “You are a young guy and you will not spend more than 5 minutes inside the temple. Just leave your shoes here and return to take them back.” Amit did what we was suggested.

On return Amit could not find his shoes. He inquired and looked around but could not. On asking the same person he asked him to visit the banks of the river and see if he could find his shoes there. He went on to explain the ritual followed at the temple – Any visitor who wants his wish to be fulfilled by the Deity should steal a pair of shoes from outside the temple and throw them into the river flowing next to the temple. 

Amit was disappointed and unhappy. He could not believe the ritual and logic of doing this. He complained this to his parents on return. His father said, “Never mind. Atleast someone was happy and hopes to have his wish fulfilled by the deity of the temple. Never regret what is lost.”

So Ruhin the moral of the story is – “Believe in actions that give happiness to others whether by choice or by accident. Also try not to regret a loss of a material thing like a pair of shoes.”

She is too young to understand the moral in its entirety. Also when the story is an extempore from her father. 🙂 

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