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Bedtime Stories for Ruhin – Custom-made for lessons on life (Part 2)

The second story followed the next day in the same setting. She wanted a Barbie story so here it goes…

Anjum was a young girl who had a lovely doll called Dolly. Both of them were very good friends and cared for each other a lot. Anjum use to always give a special treatment to Dolly over other toys she had. Dolly took pride in this special treatment.

Things were going fine till Anjum liked Barbie Doll at a toy store. She returned home to share her desire of having the Barbie doll as well. Dolly was sad and reasoned that they were good friends and they should not have any new Doll coming in between them. Dolly complained, “You always cared for me so much and I always played with you even when I felt like taking rest.”

Anjum in response said, “We are good friends and will continue to be. With Barbie coming you will get to play with her as well when I am at school. I always felt that you should have a beautiful doll friend as well.” Dolly seemed convinced and said Yes to the idea of having Barbie at home.

Next day Barbie – a young slim doll with golden hair, dressed in pink skirt and blue T-shirt was home. Anjum excitedly introduced Barbie to Dolly. Both of them shook hands with smiles on their faces. Anjum being an intelligent girl decided to spend first few hours together with both the dolls sharing her experience with Dolly and how special she was. Later, Barbie talked to Dolly about her likes and dislikes. Soon Dolly sensed that Barbie was a great friend to have and she thanked Anjum for having Barbie as well.

Message intended to be delivered – Be prepared for change and continue to be accommodating. Ruhin is quite good at this and I feel she should not lose this trait when she grows up.

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