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Being a first timer

A routine life with a quest to have something new and interesting to do is important. It helps as a positive disruption in the sense that it gives our mind a break from the effort we put towards our long-term goals.

With aging we lose flexibility both physically and mentally. When we read about fitness lessons, we are explained the importance of stretching and cardio exercises to have adequate toning and flexibility. Same goes with our mind. Our mind tends to get into an inertia and resists any small effort on our part to change it.

If above is a fact then trying and doing things the ‘First time’ is very important. They serve as boosters to us and make us feel happy.

My first time list:

1. Learnt to form plaits of my daughter’s hair

2. First 150 km cycle ride in 5.5 hours

3. 100 km cycling race at Ahmedabad Cyclothon compeititon in 3:35 minutes. Finished 60th amongst some 100 riders

4. First 10 km run while preparing for Airtel New Delhi Half Marathon

5. First 10 km walk in 1:28 minutes

6. Bullet ride to Ranthambore and return with onward journey to Ranthambore done in night.

7. First safari at Ranthambore National Park

8. Participation in Tiger census at Ranthambore National Park

9. First clicks with Nikon D 3100 that made me start loving photography as a hobby

10. Nainital being the first holiday trip post which it became a norm to visit atleast one new place in a year.

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