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Being a parent- Part 2

I was now reading about ADHD, GAD, OCD etc. I bought two books that my wife searched on net- “From Chaos to Calm” and “Explosive Child”.

The instances mentioned in the two books are very true. And I am quite surprised to find them so. What I felt about my kid was so wrong. Now I had some sense into what to change and how to go about for the change.

Coming back to the symptoms that defined ADHD or ODD etc., I felt each one of them to be very true. We as parents never hesitated to visit a psychiatrist since none of the counseling sessions seemed to help her.

With I busy working, my wife, all alone took the trouble and the pain to take my kids around the city visiting doctors, clinical pyschologists, counsellors etc.

Coming back to what and how the change could be brought in her approach and behavior, I realized that “Distraction” was a very effective tool. Kids with symptoms of behavioral disorders resist any change. They tend to continue to do what they like and any shift is not without the troubles. Requests won’t work and threats rarely.

As a parent we will never want the kid to have a bad mood when being cajoled into a new activity. So distraction as a tool is doing great.

In addition to distraction, instant rewards do wonders to lift their moods. A special birthday gift that is even a month ahead will be too far ahead in future for them.

We as parents have a long road to travel and yet to have in sight the milestone that will help my daughter work towards self-improvement. But we are not loosing hope.

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