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Being free in thoughts and actions

No feedback or interaction can be considered to be unbiased. Reason being, we all look at fellow beings through our own perceptions that is further influenced by respective culture, family values, religious beliefs and personal experiences. One can be unbiased only on achievement of complete state of conscious living. In this state, one is an observant to her own actions as well, as an external agent, and hence have unbiased opinions. When in a conscious state of living opinions may totally be non-existent.

But then, this is not the way the world is structured around us. Most of us have a very calculated approach towards communication whether formal or informal. A calculated approach brings about restrictions and hence constraints in what we want to achieve or desire. Further, it escalates to a level of conflict between thoughts and actions. 

Language is a very powerful which when empowered by pure thought can help us to be FREE in what we think and intend to express. Use of correct language is a step to complete state of conscious living.

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