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Beyond email etiquette


Today emails are limited mostly to formal communication. Chat tools on hand phones and status updates on Facebook have taken over any personal written communication. Greeting card was a special way to connect and express even when wishing your boss/teacher on their special days. But that’s history.

Today when commenting in a group chat on Whatsapp or posting a status update on Facebook or on Twitter the choice of words, timing and intent is equally important. I am sure Google will readily throw up relevant content to educate on this but here I risk by narrating my experience without getting inspired or adapting from what is already available.

1) Avoid forwarding content you receive. It just adds to traffic on net and waste of time. A forwarded message on Whatsapp reaches all and no point you forwarding it again.

On Facebook share a viewpoint and take support of any video clip or image available.

Be original as much as possible.

2) Its not about publicizing yourself. Post what you feel but with a true intent to showcase your viewpoint. Whether people click 👍 or 👏 it should not matter. Most of them just browse and read very less. So its better they are spared from commenting to show agreement or disagreement.

3) Its not about finding your Best Friend. Its wiser to have friends who possess different qualities. Stay connected and in an effortless manner. There should be no obligation to return favors by responding to each other’s post. So better not to get too personal.

4) Look upon every action of your as a reflection of your true personality. What is posted or shared should not conflict with what we actually believe or do in our lives. This realization is enough to ensure the etiquette required.

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