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Buddy- we have a Beagle dog

I grew up with pets. I recall playing with Tommy- our pet dog when I was 14.

Today, after 26 years I finally committed to owning a dog again. My daughters and spouse demanded to have one for a few years but I did not heed to their demands. I reasoned that we may not be able to take good care of our pet given a nuclear family, frequent outstation trips and lacklustre approach to household work.

But on Nov 6 2017, I told my daughter about the decision. My wife reacted in disbelief, “please don’t tease us. You are never going to have a pet for us.”But I was serious and we had a 25-day old Beagle puppy join us.

My elder daughter will be home soon for her annual break from boarding school. We are sure she is also going to enjoy her stay with Buddy- the name for new family member.

As typed by my daughter:

“We have a dog he is very cute. He Love us we also love him. He plays with me we love him. Thank you and have a nice day.”

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