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Call for action: acts of dishonesty

My friend was critiqued for failing to cover for probable loss due to acts of dishonesty by the Company’s customers. The scheme was a big success till few learnt to exploit it. The loss was a few crores by the time the flaw in the sales promo scheme could be capped.

Most e-commerce players- atleast in India for sure- lose money failing to have a right approach to deal with such acts that, at best, are acts of dishonesty. For instance, the biker assigned the task of delivering the product to customer does not return the cash collected from customer.

When asked to return, he negotiates for having it adjusted in tranches from his earnings as a delivery person. He probably does not consider this as a fraud but a small favor from a large company to attend to his urgent needs of cash.

In such situations, legal help does not come quickly and there is little hope of having a quick recovery of the lost cash. Instead, the delivery person treats this as a good ‘job security’ deal.

There are many such acts of dishonesty we come across in our daily lives and indulge personally, as well. We are so adept at rationalizing our acts of dishonesty that we do not have a ‘guilt feeling’.

“Cheating is lot easier when it’s a step removed from money”, as per Dan Ariely in Predictably Irrational.

For sure a call for action

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