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Coronavirus Lecture to My Daughter’s Class 11 Results

She was weeping when I walked out from washroom. She had left with her mom to check her result from the school. And before I could leave for office, they were back home. My wife calculating her percentage in each of the subject she had opted for.

I do not track her on studies yet my guess turned out to be true. But her mother did. And I kind of believed my wife that our daughter would secure a lower aggregate than she did in her matriculation exams.

Incidentally, it turning out to be true. Today’s morning was an eventful one. We both had to leave for work and limited on time before we left her alond at home, our advise to her was a clever mix of taunt, alarm, and uplifting one.

I personally know, it is tough to follow advise when I was her age. We may have sounded opportunists to let out our worldly wisdom she was least likely to counter. Yet, our intent was to convince our teen (soon to be adult) to be more focused on outcomes.

After returning home in evening- my wife returns home sooner than me- we checked on her. She was more relaxed but busy studying at the desk placed in the drawing room of our two-bedroom rented house. After a couple of pegs of rum, my advise resurrects and I guide her to explore relevance of what she studies.

I ask her, “ How is Coronavirus going to impact economies of countries?” I guided her to use her handphone; with unlimited data access; to raise her queries to Uncle Google. She should pick up the key terms from her economics and sociology lessons- list out supply and demand variables, create hypothetical situations to understand the relationship between the listed variables, and draw decision trees to decode and elaborate the impact of coronavirus on world economy.

She is yet to come up with an answer at the time of writing this piece. She has returned to her bedroom and the environ at home is akin to the World struggling to find a solution to Coronavirus.

Caution and Precaution seem to be the only two words relevant today.

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