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Decoding Trust- A Mathematical Approach

Whether naïve or experienced, young or old, we all in our lifetime have this one 5-letter word making us call out the usual 4-letter word that starts with letter “F”.

But why is ‘Trust’ as a word used more and understood less? Is it one of the necessities of leading a meaningful life? Is it too basic a word to break it further? What is it after all?

My attempt at approaching this ‘Trust’ thing started 2 hour ago when idling on bed to recover from a bad cold, I could not think of anything more meaningful. So interpret what I say below at your discretion. May be for me it’s a time pass…


In simple terms:

TRU= truthfulness; US= You and I ; ST = Statement (i.e. relating to communication, expression)

Basic Assumptions:

a. Unlike ‘Belief’ which is an individual attribute, ‘Trust’ is a dependent attribute impacting the intensity of TRUST

b. Truthfulness is a constant which is governed by habits, desires and passion. All of these attributes develop over the years and are a function of family background, culture, education, behaviors and past experience relating to ‘Trust’ as a whole.

c. The equality while presented as a simple function is not so. It’s a far more complex due to introduction of lag variable of ‘TRUST’. In other words, TRUST equation is a time-series function and hence past experiences impact the future outcomes. In econometric (time lag variable)- Trust(t) is impacted by Trust(t-1….)

d. ‘ST’ Statement here is assumed to be a function of ‘Art of Communication’ X (Tone + Language).

e. The equation differentiates between ‘Tone’ and ‘Language’ akin to the 4-letter work starting from letter ‘f’…explained by Osho as Verb, Noun, adjective, intransitive verb, anger, surprise etc. I hope my readers have heard that famous preaching of Osho. Link to the video is here –

Once I was done with stating the Trust Equation, I ‘googled’ to avoid re-inventing the wheel and to my surprise Google had an answer:

Credibility + Reliability + Intimacy    DIVIDED BY    Self-orientation



Anyways the equation defined by me above is not very different from equation above. However, the relation between the variables in above equation is better expressed as given below:

Credibility + Trust (from past) + {(Reliability X Intimacy)    DIVIDED BY    Self-orientation}



Trust can have only two values -1 or +1 . I am deliberately avoiding the infinity notion here since we all have a defined life.

To simplify the interaction amongst the variables we assume that all the variables can either have a minus 1 or a plus 1.

All possible solutions to the equation are:

Note: Please read + 1 as YES and -1 as NO.

Hence the above illustration explains that we can either HAVE Trust or NOT HAVE Trust. No other possibility exists.

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