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Do Dooni Chaar- pointers and personal experiences

After failed attempts to get an original CD/DVD on rent to watch the Do Dooni Chaar, I finally decided to download the movie from internet. Downloading may not be illegal but unethical for sure. Readers will understand my statement better at the end of this post. Though Sunday was planned for watching the movie, downloading took time and hence we managed to see today since I was not working.

Often, we (Monica and I) end-up relating incidents of our life to stories of some movies. DDLJ (Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge) movie was our first date. DDLJ was Monica’s first outing of her life. Quite similar to the situation of Simran (played by Kajol) leaving for her first European trip, Monica was on her first trip to Patiala and was out with me without her parents’ knowledge. ‘Love Aaj Kal’ was shot in Patiala where we fell in love. Passion and commitment for a relationship shown in the movie was similar to ours. For a detailed review please visit my earlier post. ‘Do Dooni Chaar’ (DDC) was also a fun to watch and to which we relate a part of our lives.

We both began our career as teachers. Monica worked as a school teacher while I took tuitions. Out monthly income was Rs 6000. Rent took away 35% of our income and balance spent on fuel expenses of 3rd hand Bajaj Chetak that was bought to me by parents. Rishi Kapoor in DDC is shot riding a Bajaj scooter in the movie and is a school teacher. Neetu Singh is an ex-librarian just like Monica. Monica completed her Masters in library science when I secured a permanent job for myself in a management college. She worked as a librarian for sometime with a couple of schools but not to forget that she was well leveraged by school management to use her teaching and librarian skills.

In the movie Neetu Singh says, “Had I been allowed to work as a librarian I would have earned enough to help you and also allotted a chauffeur driver car.” Quite surprisingly this dialogue of hers is very close to what Monica told me when we were in Indore. Her perseverance made me take up PhD and then reach Mumbai.

With her wishes, support and luck I managed to make a transition to corporate world from academics. Despite the fact that I may end-up being a servant of corporate world for a major portion of my life, I will always be a teacher from heart and in my actions. In fact this is true for both of us though Monica has decided not to pursue teaching profession any further. Reason for this is very clearly stated in the dialogue from the movie which goes something like this, “Teacher makes an engineer, a doctor, with starting salaries of Rs 1.5 lakh per month, but a teacher struggles to have enough savings for make down payment for purchasing a car.” An un-disputable fact and also very painful. The halwai wallah in the movie while paying 1 year advance for his grandson’s tuition fees says, “I sell mithais which once eaten are gone. You as a teacher make people’s career and hence you deserve much more than what you are paid for as a teacher.”

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