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Ek Brahmin Ne kaha hain…

एक  ब्राह्मण ने कहा हैं के यह साल अच्छा हैं, ज़ुल्म की रात बहुत जल्द टलेगी

अब तोह आग हर एक रोज जलेगी ….

“हाथी निकल गया हैं बस पूँछ बाकी हैं। आप अपना काम कर सकते है पर आपको इसके लिए अपने विचारों को सही तरीके से सामने रखना होगा। यदि आप बोलो के नहीं, मांगो नहीं तो सामने वाला देगा नहीं। मांगोगे तो मिलेगा पर बोलना आप को ही पड़ेगा। – said the lady astrologer who had her stall at the Nakshatra exhibition at Pragati Maidan. I will not say that I had not believed astrologers before in my life. I had, almost always since my childhood, believed words of visiting self-proclaimed/still-mastering astrologers who were either referred by our relatives or posing as (healthy) beggars at the door. I use to get excited because they just made generic positive statements that soothed my heart in some way. Those words made me believe that I was special and I will be a great person one day.  Once such astrologer was influencing the thoughts and thinking of my parents when my parents had just known about my affair with Monica. I was made to meet him, not forcibly though, since I believed we (Monica and I) both  were meant for each other and wanted to hear the imminent from him, as well. He made a statement when I was alone with him, “You will never find love of your life and if you force you may lose your parents in process.” I argued that he was wrong and got into an altercation where he promised to shave-off his mustache, if he was proved wrong.” I had returned home (after dropping him at his home) tense but determined to prove him wrong. Who else but God was going to rescue me and help me win my love. I got very religious and started offering prayers. Not a single day passed, when I did not visit Gurudwara, literally pushing God to the extreme to get me my love. I had no other wish to make before him.  Finally, two years after the astrologer’s prediction, I was happily married to Monica and both my parents happier and with blessings for us. I had won the argument. Intent and commitment had won over the movement of stars. Or in other words, we changed our fate with firm commitment for each other.  Since this incidence, I had stopped relying on astrologers or horoscopes. I, however, kept using basic concept of numerology to confuse or impress my friends around. I had been hearing about numerology from my father’s friend Raghu Uncle and it seemed quite logical to me at times. This time was no different. I was never going to believe what the astrologers were to say this time. My attitude this time hearing the lady was not that of a messenger of God with some super powers but a counselor who was suggesting me, using astrology, (also a science) on how to achieve my goals and desires… हाज़ारों ख्वाहिशे ऐसी की हर ख्वाइश पे दम निकले, बहुत निकले दम मेरे अरमान लेकिन फिर भी कम निकले …

रात दिन गर्दिश में हैं सात आसमान, हो रहेगा कुछ ना कुछ घबरायें क्या?

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