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Embarking on Another Solo Adventure: Exploring Kargil and Beyond

As a Solo Traveler: Exploring Remote Villages in Kargil on a Trusty Interceptor 650 CC Motorcycle

After two years of solo travel, I have come to love the freedom and challenges that come with exploring new places alone. I've covered some amazing destinations in North India, including Spiti and Ladakh, but now I'm drawn to the rugged and remote region of Kargil.

On this trip, I plan to visit remote villages and complete the Padum, Zaskar Sumdo, and Keylong circuit. Along the way, I will pass through some of India's most spectacular landscapes, including the Suru Valley, the Drang-Drung Glacier, the Rangdum Monastery, and the Zanskar River.

To make this journey, I'll be riding my trusty Interceptor 650 CC motorcycle, which I've been riding for over four years. While it may not match the Himalayan Bike, its strong and smooth engine makes it a good second choice.

To prepare for this trip, I've intensified my training routine with cycling, walking, and strength training. I'm excited to get fitter and build my endurance to ride longer and face the challenges of traveling to remote areas.

As I approach retirement age and have a busy work schedule, I feel it's important to make the most of the time I have left to undertake such high-risk trips and adventures. I plan to start this journey in June when the summers set in and the roads are clear of snow. I expect to complete the trip in seven days, covering around 2000 km while staying in homestays, guesthouses, or camps along the way.

Building memories for the future is what inspires me to keep exploring new places, and I hope my journey inspires you to plan your solo trip someday.

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