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Family time with bollywood

My daughter is lost in watching a movie that was released 10 years before she was born. At the 9th year of her life with us and being the youngest in our family, she shows same intensity that my spouse and I showed in 1997 seeing the same movie.

She asks me if I had seen this movie before. And I have no hesitation confirming it. Yes, I have seen this movie before and infact the first that her Mom and I watched when we first dated each other. Back then, we were just 17 years old.

Today, I learnt that movies form an intricate part of family time. Traditionally, Indian middle class express a lot by using Bollywood actors as proxies.

As the love story progresses, my daughter is keen to hear the outcome of the movie- Will the couple finally marry. The movie perfectly showcases the seriousness of relationships in those years which may have got diluted today.

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