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First Day without TV

After returning from holidays we finally successfully implemented the decision to say Bye to Tata Sky subscription (atleast the free 90 day period that they allow once a year).

The time between 8 pm to 9:30 pm was usually spent watching program on TV but today the same time we all played carrom board. The behavior of my kids was akin to an addict. When the scheduled time to watch TV approached, elder daughter was hanging around the house looking sad while the younger one lied on the bed with head hanging down from the edge and complaining.

It was not easy for us (as parents). We as parents were never opposed to watching it but then the pre-conditions were:

1. You will watch it for limited time

2. Watch select shows and not just anything they want to.

3. Routine towards having a fixed time to study should not be compromised in anyway

4. Don’t get lost in the show. Remember to take a bite if food is served and respond to us when we asked them to do so

5. No discussion about the show they watched later.

But for last few months none of the above pre-conditions were fulfilled and hence we were forced to take the hard step. We are not totally inflexible but with this one step we hoped to curb the addiction of our kids.

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