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Free time activities

I started a fitness routine (regularly) by re-starting cycling back in June 2012. This was after a gap of 17 years. I had spent Rs 60K to own a Cannondale Cadd 8 series road bike.

Blogging has been another activity that I have been regular with. I write about my life, my feelings and experiences. I have been adding a few blogs (an average of 2 in a month) every year.

Some key Stats about my free time activities:

a. Covered a total distance of 10,460 km cycling, running and walking since June 2012.

b. Total of 85K plus words across 200 odd blogs since year 2010. I have not been able to retrieve the stats easily for blogs before the year 2010.

c. Views of my blog has not been more than 5K but I have had visitors from 195 countries

The charts below highlight and explain the story pretty well.

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