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Getting better and better

We may keep getting comfortable at things we do with passage of time. But to be good we may have to keep putting more effort and thought. ‘Comfort’ here also means getting accustomed with symptoms of helplessness.

The reason for being so philosophical is that despite this realization, I have got into similar situations multiple times but my approach to handle the situation has not changed. I introspect and one thing that struck me last time was that I did not think about the situation – What is it?; Why am I facing it? ; What should not be done? I was just happy that it went by and hoped I never faced it again.

Two important traits are very important to keep getting ‘Good’ are: Forgetfulness and Being unemotional. Forgetfulness helps us unlearn and hence we try finding an alternative approach. Devoid of emotions frees our mind of biases, ego and hence limits the focus on facts and not on perceptions.

May be I keep getting better.

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