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Getting close to Buddy

My Buddy was missing my daughter and wife. While parents joined us before they left for the 8-day trip to Visakhapatnam for National Skating Championship, to take good care of himwhile I am away for work.

Yet, when I look into his eyes, I feel he is missing them. Yesterday, when I played with him, he enjoyed it. But since then, he is following me everywhere I go inside the house. He comes and cuddles between my feet with this body tightly locked between my legs. I place my hand on his chest, stroking him for comfort appreciating the fact that voice is not needed to communicate.

When by Buddy, our 1-year old Beagle, gets naughty, I still do not have the urge to scold him. He is part of our family.

He is our responsibility but then isn’t it a fact that love comes at a price.

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