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Getting older and learning to be better at what I do

I am lucky to be healthy and leading a happy life in one of the best cities in India. Despite being so engaging at work with colleagues, I am turning an introvert.

One of my father’s good friend predicted that I would turn out to be introvert and happy when alone. The current phase of life seems to be a transition into being so.

I rarely feel like watching movies at a theatre with family. My weekends, unlike in the past, is more about sleeping extended hours. I am also not exercising in the open. The HIIT routine that I have picked up on YouTube is letting me exert more than unlike when I am out in the open, walking, or running.

My spouse reasons that I have to use my weekends better. I should be going out and finding opportunities to interact and engage socially more. I am not doing that enough.

I believe I love myself more and happy to keep my company. This feeling has returned to me after two decades. As a kid, I preferred to be indoors or at best, limited to a couple of friends. That seems to return to me in my 40s.

I am aware of these changes in my life and thinking pattern. But I am not changing them. With less than 17 years left before I turn 60, I believe it is best to be doing what I love the most.

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