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Getting Paid for Work Done and not for hours spent- Is it possible?

Long jazzy and jargonized emails are a routine in corporate world communicating just two things. First, time spent on composing them. Second about being proactive/smart in avoiding responsibilities (calculated risk) but ensuring “credit” to self for success. For god sake, how can we be playing a “position” game of being a valuable contributor and not being specific. After all effective communication is of utmost criticality.

India’s GDP growth is hinged on increasing contribution of IT outsourcing industry. Over the last decade or so the India’s IT outsourcing industry grew basis the hours spent on the job. BPOs/KPOs are all services driven by hours served. Management Gurus capitalized with their GYAN on driving efficiencies etc. etc…

What’s the way forward when newspapers are already carrying articles how India seems to be losing out the “hour spent” advantage. So what’s in store? Billion-sized population may not be the advantage anymore. We need to do that requires more “intelligence” than “ability to slog for hours”. The key to success is ensuring “right” side of brain is used more. This is where the “developed world” countries are moving to.

Some of us may reason that government has a greater role to play. But one thing that we as corporate diligent workers can gift to our entrepreneurs is- ensuring that we focus more “doing the work” rather than focusing on “getting it done” or Pretending to Work (PTW).

Guys “credit” me with the revolutionary thought that is set to change the definition of a manager..:)

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