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  • Jaspal Kahlon

Good to have some unfulfilled wishes

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Recapping what I desired is better when I write what I desire. I am living through last few days of this year wondering what I missed.

A pretty good mental health exercise? Not sure. But makes me feel connected with my inner myself when I do so every year.

I start a new calendar year with high hopes and outcomes. By end of Jan of every year, I am into a rhythm where my daily life makes me forget what I aimed or desired for.

If I keep the unfulfilled emotional desires aside, I did have some material ones. One of the sources for the same is the wish list on Amazon app.

I feel my wish list is:

a. I forget what I wished

b. I have better ones fulfilled

c. I was impulsive about what I wanted

d. I am materialistic

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