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Greeting while remembering the Almighty (Allah Noo Fazal Che)

Thanking God is also a form of worship. It instils a self-realization within us, everytime we remember, to keep our egos at ebb and acknowledge the role of fellow beings in our life. My friend, Burhan whenever greeted never answered ‘Fine’. He answered ‘Allah Noo Fazal Che’. I considered imitating this but could not for long.  I was in my early twenties and in my culture it was uncommon for a young to say ‘Wahe Guru da shukar hai’.

Instead in our culture young is expected to react that showed his efforts to gain control over his life. Simplest of the response will be ‘theek haa’ or ‘chal reha hain’. Some respond by narrating their problems and difficulties faced. Such people do not believe in saying ‘fine’ since they believe their positive response bring a curse on their well-being. So why do we react in this way?

May be the answer lies in the manner we lead our lives. A life that is highly constrained and restricted. We strive for independence but our actions are goaled towards self-interest and self-accomplishment. We compete with everyone, near or dear, in our lives. We keep secrets and operate on premise of information advantage. We want to know everything about others but do not want the same to happen with ourselves.  Even the so called Dharam Gurus draw inferences of religious texts goaled towards guiding our lives as individuals rather than as a group.

Greeting each other as ‘Radhe Radhe’ , ‘Jai Shri Krishna’, ‘Sat Sri Akaal’, ‘Sita-Ram’, ‘Allah ka Shukra hain’ or ‘Allah noo Fazal Che’ is more meaningful than a simple borrowed practise of saying ‘Good Morning’, ‘Good Evening’ or ‘Hello’.

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