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Having a large family

Living our lives we meet thousands of people. Depth of relation in pecking order is ‘Have Seen/met before’, ‘we have known each other for some time’, ‘we connect quite well’, ‘Everything is special and effortless between us’ to ‘we are made for each other’. In my opinion these relations always assume a higher significance than the blood relations that we inherit as humans. We love our parents, uncles, aunties, kids, cousins etc. But connecting to anyone beyond the blood relation makes us live the true character of a human- the way God wanted us to Love and care.

Connecting and forming relations comes naturally to us but we are not the same. We are not selfless in forming relations and instead believe in getting more than what we can give. In the pursuit of being more practical towards life, we have lost the significance of true love and feelings. Some of us face the world with a thought that everyone out there is to exploit and use us. Some take refuge in customs and practices that are over the ages have come to be the ONLY norm towards life and love- preaching a restraint on the outside and while bonding only within family.

Connecting to build relation is not felt for all we meet in our lives. Our personalities and philosophy towards life reflects upon the relations we build in our lives. For a more restrained person, fulfillment of expectations will drive relations she forms, while for more open free-flowing person, frankness and transparency will make him connect with others. We connect with few and every relation has a role to play. Not all relations may last for life in practicality but anyone we have known once (closely enough), will always stay in our memories. There is not any exact tenure post which we can define a relation to be deep. At times, a short chat with an unknown person is enough for a long lasting relationship while at other times, we may spend years together before realizing existence of an unknown connect.  

It is of utmost importance that we start recognizing the definition of family- a LARGE family that transcends beyond the obvious- parents, wife, kids etc. including friends, neighbors or for that matter anyone we feel connected to. Why cannot we have these relations deep enough with equal respect and regard as our blood relations? Why cannot we all strive to not restrain ourselves from having a LARGE family in this world? When we connect with unknown virtually (likes of facebook, linkedin and twitter etc.), why can we not have relations beyond the traditional contours of a Family?

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