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Having a Purpose – first anniversary

“Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose.” – Viktor Frankl

Last year, I sought a change of job- something new and different. I wrote several drafts of my resume. But every draft lacked attributes differentiating me from others. I was neither an alumnus of tier 1 institutes nor did I possess technical skills.

A quest for a differentiator, I focused on soft skills that I possessed. I wrote more than 20 pages about the companies I worked for, events and challenges faced; my understanding of the business models; criticisms for my actions and personal motivation to work. Finally, I found ‘purpose seeking’ as one attribute that defined my approach towards life and work.

Today, I celebrate the first anniversary of finding ‘purpose seeking’ as a guiding principle of my life. I vouch for actions adding meaning to my life and work. I am happy and motivated. I have lived purposeful 20 years but the first anniversary of knowing about it.

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