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I am Living a love story

My first comments after reading Ravinder Singh’s” I too had a love story” to my friend (Danish) on Whatsapp were “Hi. I just finished reading the book-I too had a love story. I felt sad at the loss of his love. Thats the only moment I could relate well to mine when Monica was on emergency. I wished and challenged God to get Monica back just like the author did. I am lucky to have her with me. Bhai sahab! I am better not reading fiction again. 😅”

The story is a quick read with narration not surprising me enough. When in love we all the feel the way the author felt in the story. What though surprised me was the commonality of some events to my love story to the minutest detail. I somehow start to believe that most love stories are quite similar. 

I usually get carried away by some good fiction and hence prefer to limit reading only the best. This way I only remember select good stories and continue to relate to events un-folding in my life.  

My friend Danish had told me about this novel and he was busy reading on our Ranthambore trip. He is yet to  find his love but whats surprising to me is the interest and impact love stories create in him. We together joke on girls and why all best words are names of girls- Bhawna, pooja, asha, astha etc. Between 3 of us- Danish, the Author and me- Danish is yet to have a love story; the author had a love story and I am living a love story. 

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