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I am the last one to be rational

I never act to be different but then people known to me think differently. In other words, people prefer adherence to convention and interpret every action of mine from a rational perspective.

Some of the most irrational acts by me till date are:

1. I did not attend any of the funerals in my family including that of my grandfather with whom I slept for years as a child. Though, I still see and talk to him in dreams.

2. I pre-inform my existing employer that I want to exit. I did this with 3 of my 5 employers.

3. I am in need of money but then thats not what neccessarily motivates me. This is proven by empirical research but we are short of people who think otherwise. Even my daughter who is just 13 years old thinks otherwise.

4. I decided to live my commitment to love of my life to marry her and I did when I was just a student.

5. I claim to be rational when I am the last one to be so.

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