• Jaspal Kahlon

I have a problem

Today, I rode to Decathalon store to shop for gloves that are water proof and resistant for temperatures less than minus 10 degree celsius.

When I was driving back, I was stuck is a traffic jam, unexpected for chandigarh, I felt like lost in a city life that I have been trying to avoid for years since December 2016. When I reached home, I reconsidered my decision to ride solo to Spiti in winters in coming Diwali break.

To be true to myself, I am doubtful to make it happen. I am not so determined to risk riding alone in valleys of Himachal with no fellow riders along and especially with the onset of winters.

I seem to have lost patience to drive alone and be at destinations where the only connectivity to my family is over a phone that too is uncertain.

Yet, I am likely to risk. I am not sure of the motivation driving me to be at destinations where rational humans think twice, even in summers.

I have already shared my concerns to my love after gulping a couple bottles of beer. Yet, she has no clear advice for me She is, as expected, positive and pushing me to go ahead with my plans.

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