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I Should wait to write my memoir

I wanted to write a memoir centered on my love story. The lockdown was a good time to work on it and put my writing skills as practiced for the last decade to the real test.

Today, in the morning, I wrote a small part of the story. In the evening, I started writing ahead. But, had a feeling that my love story as experienced and narrated orally has little meaning for the readers. I wonder, what will the readers not known to me gain from my memoir? And, the answer is not an encouraging enough to go ahead and have my own memoir.

Memoir, unlike an autobiography is usually written by people who are popular. It is a true story written with details outlined as in a fiction. Till date, my life does have adventures that are simply outcomes of my own impulsive behaviour. But, my love story still remains the most important event in my life but it would be better for me to continue journaling my daily life. And, in some years I may have a more valid reason to write a memoir.

For now, I would prefer to blog and further polish my thoughts and experiences of life.

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