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I Wonder..

1. I wonder if occasional preaching to my kids will help them in their life especially when I am short of spending quality time with them. 2. I wonder the amount of extra moisturizing cream a bald person may end-up using. 3. I wonder if work was such a good thing then why did the rich not keep it to themselves. (Quoted by an American Author) 4. If 9 out 10 Dentists recommend Oral-B toothpaste to be best, I wonder why the 10th one did not agree.  5. I wonder why “Knowledge” is better if  shared but “Information” retained. 6. “People respond to incentives” is an established fact in behavioral economics. When we know this, I wonder why we keep pretending not to be doing so. 7. Its a pleasant feeling to have women amongst we men whether at work or home. I wonder then how can a few amongst we men can molest a woman. 8. We always have time to do what we enjoy the most but never have time for what is must to do. I wonder.. 9. I wonder why will I rent an expensive painting to display at home when I can never afford to buy it. 10. Writing is one of the best and effective modes of communication. I wonder why we are not making most of it.

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