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I Wonder – Series 3

In continuation of earlier “I Wonder” series:

21. We all know what a feeling it is to lay our head on mother’s lap and sleep. When I rest my head on my 4 year old daughter’s lap with her hands on my forehead, I fall asleep in a minute. I wonder why?

22. We all know that money is one important variable in our life and we end-up giving more than 70% of our time towards it. Still, an open acknowledgement of this truth is considered to be unprofessional and invites censures of being too materialistic. I wonder why? 23. “Time” is never stationary. Its a fact. Facing the challenges head-on is what we have heard since childhood and we as adults continue to nurture our kids with such values. On the contrary, we resist any change that may need additional effort to deal with it. We never learned that “Change” is a norm of life. I wonder why?  24. Its not about reciting mantras and offering prayers when we talk of winning God. Bulleh Shah ji states in one of his kalaams-

“makke giyaan gal mukdi naain

paave sou sou jumme parh aaiye

ganga giyaan gal mukdi naain

paave sou sou gaute khaaiye

bhulleh shah gal tayun mukdi

je main nu manno ganvaaiye”. 

We have had many great sufi saints who preached to loose our ego, our “I” first. The message is simple and clear and we still live only for “I”, shielding it, defending it. I wonder why?

25. We as parents want our children to be the way we want them to be. We want our life partner to avoid discussions where we disagree. After growing up when our parents get dependent on us we want them to live their life as per our instructions. Likewise, at work we want our reportees to be resources at our disposal. We desire to control everything in order to make them happen as per our expectations. We in literal sense, want to take “Control” of all events in life. I wonder why?

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