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If you wish to be out front..

I was watching Lance Armstrong’s cycling training video and could relate to what cycling and cycling competition teaches you.

The quote is from 6th BC: “If you wish to be out front….”

Cycling is a team sport but the focus on individual effort is far greater than any other sport. This holds true in road races where the races are 200 km and above and despite being an individual effort, the break aways from pelaton are a team effort where cyclists from different teams come together to stay ahead of pelaton.

However, this is a situation where rivals come together but not for long when they part. Each and every rider wants to win but not at cost of losing race by burning all its energy in a team effort to stay ahead of pelaton.

So most of the times they pretend to be lagging behind in effort to maintain the pace. All the riders in the break-away pelaton are in a conflicting situation. If they all end-up saving their energies for the last sprint they get caught by pelaton from behind.

If on the other hand, they spend too much of their effort the chances of winning the last sprint is lost.

So the quote ends saying, “…then act as if you were behind.”

So much to learn: “If you wish out to be front, then act as if you were behind.”

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