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Independence Day- Stick to the fundamentals

Come independence day and we Indians read (or made to by the media) about what ‘Independence’ means?- Are we independent?; Independence from damn every problem in our lives etc. etc.

Celebrities relate to ‘Independence’ by talking of freeing earth from pollution, women liberation etc. We all, fail to relate to the historical event when India got independent. Since we have not experienced those times we prefer extended definitions of ‘Independence’ that addresses our desires to be free from problems we face today.

I say- STOP IT!

We should all remember to realize that independence in context of WE INDIANS is:

– About the Aug. 15, 1947 when our country was freed from English rule; when the revolution started?; Knowing the freedom fighters; Educating our young on the relevance of Independence Day.

The issues we face today are common for other countries as well and we have multiple other occasions and forums to talk about them. I desire we spend the day- Aug 15, talking about freedom fighters, revisiting the history of pre-independent India and narrating it to our kids.

Let us stick to the fundamentals- ‘Independence Day’ is Aug 15 1947 and all events related to it.

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