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Indian version of Freakonomics

I am a fan of the book Freakonomics. I liked the way the authors have touched upon some very basic questions, the answers to which are not easy to find. Below are the list that I feel, the authors should find answers to just in case they are coming up with one more edition:

1. Are early marriages in select states a reason for skewed gender ratio? In states like Haryana we have the practice of early marriages. That means the age for a male to get married is as low at 20-22 years. Further Aristotle had given a theory that early-aged couples tend to have more female kids. So was this the reason for female foeticide?

2. When are most condoms sold? During weekdays or weekends? Further, is it true that Bachelors buy more condoms during day time than married who prefer evenings before heading for home?

3. I often believe that Mondays are more congested on roads. Whether its Mumbai or Delhi, I did not notice the difference. Is it really true? Or is it the hangover affect of free roads over the weekend?

4. Do popularity of social networking sites point to the need of people feeling less recognized and appreciated? Or is it something else? I am looking for one key reason only.

5. When I share pics on Facebook, I get more ‘Like’ than a written content. Why is it so? Is it we read less or is it that we just click ‘Like’ without any real reason.

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