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Is it a re-union?

My first reaction to the GHS group created on Whatsapp was, “Its too late in life for me to connect with my school mates, after almost 23 years.”

The frequency of pings was too high and it was akin to an orgy with several parallel conversations. There was rush of new joinees and simultaneous exits by some. I beleive the exits were a knee-jerk reaction prompted by worries of draining battery of their handsets too early during the day and or exhausting monthly data usage limit. For some who would have attempted to make sense of any of the conversations would have got lost in trail of messages searching for its logical end. The pings were as if the group had been let free for a break at school when the food, chat and toilet break all to be finished within those 15-30 minutes.

The exits may also have been by ones who had long forgotten the school days and did not feel like revisiting them. In fact, the reasons could be many, rational or emotional.

Personally, I do not like chatting and using mobile phone for long. I usually prefer to crack a joke or so in multiple successions and put aside the phone. But then I felt a responsibility to read the long strings of messages to have a justified point to make (even if not needed) and also in process refresh some of those memories long displaced to the unconscious part of brain.

Its less likely to meet all together in the remaining years of life and hence a re-union in that context may never happen, though commitments may be made.

Yes, it’s a reunion since it’s not so late to let the feelings be expressed and still not a reunion since it’s too late in life to be acted upon.

Yes, it’s a reunion since we don’t compete in our hearts and minds to be better than others. But still not a reunion since we have a tougher world out there waiting to compete and most of group members may not be around to help.

Yes it’s a reunion it seems but then…….

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