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Is she still alive?

She says, “I wonder why God keeps me alive? Is it for something good or bad, yet for me to experience? Why has almighty not taken me away?”

Her daughter-in-law says, “We are old now, and will miss u even more. So the last day for you will be a painful one for us, unlike if the day arrived a decade back.”

Both of then have shared the relation since 1975, when she was married to the youngest son of the old lady. She is nearing 100 years of age and for some in family she is believed to have lived 100 years already.

Her grand son far away from hometown expects the sad news anytime. But then the news is just not arriving. He also feels that her grandmother is too old for this generation to comprehend every detail. And hence, she being excluded from the list of advisors in his life. This was not the case two decades back. So, Is she not needed anymore?

He is not expecting to inherit any great fortune measured monetarily. Ofcourse, a huge one in terms of values and ethics. But then why will he think so when he still remembers her nurturing as a kid?She hugs her and is in tears when she lays her hand on his hair and wrinkled-stiff fingers combing his hair.

Some days the old couple (old lady’s younger son and her daughter-in-law) feels drained out to take care of her.

Their son reasons had it not been long life of her grandmother, his parents would have atleast went on a few holiday trips before growing too old. He feels they should have retired to have fun with their grand children. But that’s not happening since ‘She is still alive’.

She is least demanding, remembers so less but ‘she is still alive’. She is harmless but ‘she is still alive’.

Is she still alive……?

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