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It’s good that I am with my family

It’s good that I am with my family this Diwali. I am thankful to God to let me change my mind today early morning to cancel my plans of solo ride to Munsiyari, Uttrakhand. Munsiyari is a remote hill station and well known as a base camp for several treks to the Himalayas.

Unlike my plans a few days back, I am surprised at my impulsiveness again. My spouse never holds me back from venturing into solo and risky trips on my bike but she did speak her heart today; after I canceled my trip, though. She said, “I am happy to have you around. We do miss you when you are away.”

These words from her mean a lot to me. She has been so supportive and encouraging to me for my decisions. But when I decide, singly, not to go ahead with my trip, she appreciates and cherishes my decision.

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