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It’s Strategy otherwise!

In continuation of my previous post ‘Facts about Strategy’, there are other aspects to having a strategy function.

In early days of my career as a Corporate Planning manager, I was busy developing models that were simply quantification of hunches. I was appreciated for rationality used in building the assumptions bottom-up. This to some extent offset my limited understanding of business. I was transforming into an excel wizard but it was strategy otherwise.

With every year of added experience, I oriented myself to be able to ‘execute’ as well. I was getting tired of working endlessly on excel models that actually did not translate into action on ground. The business models that I developed were at best for pitching to prospective investors.

Within few weeks of my joining Denave, the CEO was not having much of planning work for me. I was amongst the top 10 high-paid employees. My first task outside the excel world was to get interest cost reduced. It was a blessing in disguise for me.

Over time my CEO kept on transferring a lot of routine work to me. He sensed value in what I did. There was a phase when no sales proposal went out without I whetting it. I put my head down and looked to make most of this exposure. Later, I even accepted the role of Business Development. Otherwise it was Strategy.

When I moved on with my current company, the plan for me was well laid out. It was an execution-oriented profile but otherwise it was strategy. A road map was agreed on how I will work across all divisions to get improved results. It started with Channel sales and later to lead the finance and accounts function.

Last week I sent out an email, 5th such communication in last 12 years explaining my unavailability for what I am not suppose to do. So while I have been mastering how businesses are run its still strategy otherwise.

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