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Jokes on demonetization in India

A week back on Nov 9 2016, the Prime Minister of India made an announcement about discontinuing the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 denominated currency. This lead to a widespread reaction from citizens across the country. The existence black or parallel economy is a common knowledge amongst Indians and it’s quite widespread. It can safely be reasoned that even the salaried class who are believed having transparency the most in their incomes do have an inherited unaccounted wealth.

The reaction was widely shared across the Whatsapp and other popular social media. I too had my share of contribution both to creating new jokes and laughs. I am listing the best jokes, in my opinion, that capture the announcement followed by the reaction of common man and impact in their lives.

1. Dosto Modi ki Shaddi karwao , Khali dimag shaitan ka ghar, Kisne socha tha ki laxmi poojan ke Baad , laxmi visarjan karna padega.

2. Modiji be kaha tha sab ke accounts mein Rs 15 lakh jamaa karwaaonga kis ko pata tha ke khud hee jamaa karwaenge

3. बुरे वक्त के लिए पैसे रखे थे, पर पैसो का ही बुरा वक्त आ गया

4. मारवाड़ी :

_” भाई वो जो पाँच सौ उधार लिए थे वो देने आया हूँ…..!!!! ”

सिंधी :

*” कैसी बात करता है यार,*

*मैंने तो 400 ही दिए थे…..!!! ”*

5. एक कस्टमर चिकन खरीदने पंहुचा, दुकानदार से बोला भाईसाहब 1 किलो चिकन देना, इतने में मुर्गा बोला भाई साहब खुल्ले है तभी कटवाना मुझे । कभी 500, 1000 के चक्कर में मरवा दो मुझे

6. My client asked me this question today ? I have deposited 5 lakhs in wife’s account. Are you sure IT people will arrest my wife or should I deposit more?

7. बच्चा: ममी जल्दी बाहर आओ कोई दाढ़ी वाले बाबा आए है

ममी: अर्रे बेटा ये कोई दाढ़ी वाले बाबा नही तेरे पिताजी है। बैंक गये थे नोट बदलवाने…आज आए है…पाँव छू इनके

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