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Key developments to watch out for: Hershey’s counter bid for Cadbury and repercussions of appreciati

One: Hershey Co. is lining up USD 17 billion funding from Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase to make a counter bid for Cadbury. Kraft Foods Inc. had offered USD 16.5 billion to shareholders of Cadbury which was turned down by board of Cadbury. Quoting from Business Line Nov. 22, 2009 edition, “A key figure in any Hershey bid is Byron Trott, a favorite banker to legendary investor Warren Buffet, whose Berkshire Hathaway is the largest investor in Kraft. The Kraft connection goes further, as West is formerly an executive of the World’s no. 2 food maker.” West here is David West CEO of Hershey and Kraft Foods is the world’s no. 2 food maker. What is Nestle thinking?…We have an interesting read over the next few weeks

Two: Stronger currencies of BRIC countries may be one of the outcomes of the recent financial crisis. How will BRIC countries counter the appreciation of their currencies against USD? Why should they at all try to do this? Market determined pricing…..Where is it now when Brazil tries to control the appreciation of Real.

I was always apprehensive of some of fundamental assumptions underlying some of the key finance theories…let’s see what in store here…..

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