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Law of attraction works

Changes comes when it comes but 'law of attraction' works.

Watched 'Secret' movie three years back. The movie was gifted by one of my wife's friend. I completely believe law of attraction and how it works/can work in our lives. Impact of the movie, as far I recall, lasted for not more than few days (atleast from the implementation or realization in my life) though I have often been referring to the law of attraction in my interactions with friends.

Before I proceed to share our (my wife's and mine) experiences related to law of attraction, will like to share thoughts that may sound tangential to law of attraction. The thoughts are with regards to God that my seniors, grand parents have been preaching me with. 

My grand mother preaches, “Japo Santnam Wahe guru as many times as possible in your daily routine.” “Have a constant realization of his presence and feel him in your heart”, said my Uncle. Before getting married, when I was a student, I recall experimenting with being silent for 15 minutes every day just after hearing the evening azaan from the mosque (evening azaan is about 15 min before sunset and hence a easier way to keep track of sunset time wherever you are). I was told if I only thought about God and experienced him close to heart during this time for next 40 continuous days, I will gain some divine power. In case I missed any day, I had to start afresh. 

After 5 failed attempts I finally gave up. In total, I must have ended-up rehearsing 'silence' (Maun Dhaaran) for almost  30 days. Those days I recall I felt myself closer to God and a sense of enthusiasm and positive energy within me. I experienced bonding with God (who till recently was worshiped out of fear or for fulfillment of desires) and a feeling that he hears me. 

Till recently, when I started re-experimenting with law of attraction, I believed being conscious about God's presence and being thankful to him- a constant realization of his presence builds a field of positive energy around me. 

A lot has changed since we linked some of our past life instances to law of attraction. Law of attraction is a concept that is far simpler to understand and practice unlike the concept of “God” which ultimately leads us to follow some religion in this world to connect and experience.

Since my early teens I fantasized that I will find love of my life and fall in love with her. Eight years hence, I met my wife when I pursued cycling as a sport in Chandigarh.

My grandfather use to joke on me that they plan to get me married early in life so that my wife takes care of me- single pampered and overprotected son of the family. It turned out to be true. I was just 22 years old and just graduated when I got married to my wife. Law of attraction worked for my grandfather it seems.

We use to take tuitions of school going kids during early years of our marriage as I was still pursuing MBA. When we moved out of Indore, we lost touch with our students. We did not own mobile phones nor did we frequented Orkut or Facebook every day. Since then we lost touch with our students but always desired to see them grown-up one day. A fortnight ago my wife decided to search for them on Orkut and Facebook. And fortunately she was able to find one of them and today we are connected to all of them. A great feeling and happy to know that law of attraction worked for us. 

During our stay in Indore, my wife wished visiting Surajkund Mela – a annual handicrafts expo held at Faridabad, India. Within 5 years we happen to move to Delhi and our residence was just next to Surajkund where the mela is held every year. Her wish was fulfilled and she has been visiting the expo for 2 years now. Law of attraction worked for us once again. 

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